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Jim and the boys hiking (resting) atop Mont Tremblant. Most nights, we would review pictures from our day's adventures.  (We took pictures on the digital camera, and downloaded them to the laptop.) Avery and Care exploring a local art/antique shop.
A performance artist dazzles the crowd in front of the Chateau Frontenac. Every night held music at Mont Tremblant. Ave finisihing a luge run down the Flying Mile at Mont Tremblant.
[1] The boys take a break while hiking around the summit of Mont Tremblant (2,871 ft.); [2] the crew reviews the day's pictures at Maison McCracken (each night we'd download pics to the laptop); [3] Care and Ave emerge from an artist's shop in Kingsey Falls; [4] Avery guides his mountain luge into the finish area, after a run down the Flying Mile at Mont Tremblant; [5] Tremblant featured open air concerts every night; [6] performance artists, including this incredible bicycle acrobat, fill the streets of Vieux Quebec.

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